Monday, February 9, 2015


Living Hope Sustainability Projects for Ugandan women - Shea Butter Packaging
Last week I shared a freelance graphic design project I did for Watoto. Today I'm sharing a packaging design project I worked on for them. It was for Living Hope, an arm of Watoto that rescues women from widowed, in poverty, robbed of dignity, and gives them hope, empowerment & meaningful employment.

The women in Uganda have started farming Shea nuts and are making their own Shea butter - 100% pure mind you! But they needed to get it out of Gulu and into the world. So they are in the process of creating their own beauty line. First product off the rank was the pure Shea body butter. I was asked to design the labels for the tins of shea.

They have a strict Living Hope branding and also there are many restrictions on labelling within the beauty industry, so it was something different design style for me but a good challenge. Also because it is going to be sold globally with the Watoto children's Choir, it had to be translated into a number of different languages, with country specific information, liaising with each countries printers etc. A mammoth task and real team effort! Living Hope Sustainability Projects for Ugandan women - Shea Butter Packaging Living Hope Sustainability Projects for Ugandan women - Shea Butter Packaging
I am available to freelance for you too! If you need graphic design work from logo's, packaging to brochures, flyers & annual reports, please don't hesitate to send me an email! 


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