Friday, July 11, 2014


Polkadot Prints does GOMA & Nitrogenie
The reason it's been quiet here....We are nearing the end of our three weeks school holidays! It's been so nice to have a break from the 'must-be-out-the-door-at-a-certain-time' school mornings and just chill. After taking it pretty easy the first two weeks, this week we have been out and about a bit more. A highlight was heading in to South Bank to check out the GOMA and current exhibition by Jemima Wyman. I love that they make art so kid-friendly. (Except the part where we were looking for the childrens gallery and walked into a silent video installation of naked men in a meadow...true story!)  The kids made patterned spinning cards, pattern puzzles and played with interactive kaleidoscopes. It was a lot of fun.

After lunch we topped the day off with Nitrogenie. I'd heard about this magical Willy Wonka-esqu place for a while and wanted to check it out for myself. Inside you find white overall-clad creators making incredible flavoured ice cream with stand mixers and liquid nitrogen. It is really mesmerising to see your ice cream magically freeze before your eyes. I highly recommend it!

I hope you get to enjoy this sunny winter weather this weekend. Have a good one x
 Polkadot Prints does GOMA & Nitrogenie<a href=Polkadot Prints does GOMA & Nitrogenie"/> Polkadot Prints does GOMA & Nitrogenie Polkadot Prints does GOMA & Nitrogenie Polkadot Prints does GOMA & Nitrogenie Polkadot Prints does GOMA & Nitrogenie Polkadot Prints does GOMA & Nitrogenie
Images // copyright Jordan Bariesheff


  1. Good news for Kids now we have enough Ink and Cartridge to print thousands of cards at ones so get ready and design whatever you understand and want to print without worries.


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