Thursday, July 17, 2014


Create Box | by Dunne with Style
Crafting is one of my fave things and I've had a go at tonnes of different things ever since I was a young girl. From Cross-stitch, to calligraphy, quilting & name it, I've probably tried it. I love that we've been riding the craft-is-trendy wave again for the past few years and that it's still going strong.

Being a true blue craft lover, these Create Boxes from Dunne with Style are right on. I've seen a couple of subscription craft projects in the US, but this is the first I've seen here in Australia, and I love that.

I worked with Sam on the design and print of the 'Create' cover cards (printed on Kraft card stock), and also the white on black artists cards. I would definitely be happy getting this box of goodness in the mail, wouldn't you?

There are a limited number of 50 for each box, so you'll have to be quick to get your crafty box of inspiration!

You can purchase the Create boxes via Dunne with Style:
Box One by Laura Blythman here
Box Two by Gemma Patford here

If you need design work done for your small to medium business shoot me an email, I'd love to work with you!
Create Box | by Dunne with Style Create Box | by Dunne with Style Create Box | by Dunne with Style Create Box | by Dunne with Style

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