Thursday, April 3, 2014


Easter Gift bags | Polkadot Prints Easter Gift bags | Polkadot Prints
It's only a few more days till the school Easter holidays, and we are ready for the break of the school routine. I wrote a little 'holiday activity' list yesterday to make sure we make the most of the days off together but also make some great memories. Love me a good list, I'm sure I'll share pics with you.

Today I am going to be using some of these Easter bags for some teacher gifts on the last day of school. Easter is definitely up there with Christmas when it comes to my favourite holiday celebrations. I've been eyeing off those foil wrapped eggs in the supermarket for weeks and I am glad I can validly purchase some to fill these bags! I think Levi's teachers will love them.

How do you celebrate Easter?

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  1. Same here! I've always loved Easter! Hope you had an amazing one! :)


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