Friday, January 17, 2014


Happy new year friends!
I hope you've had a wonderful break. It's been so stinking hot here at times, it has made me wish for a snow day or two in Canada!

We saw in the new year with some good friends who hosted an outdoor movie night. So much fun! The kids made little box cars for the "drive in" which was a genius idea in also keeping them contained while eating their dinner...I think we should use them every night : )

While things have been quiet here in blog-world, I have been working on a lot of freelance design projects lately, trying to get a new portfolio put together, and adding new designs to the shop. I don't know if it's a last spurt of pregnancy motivation (34weeks!), but I'm feeling like a design machine at the moment and it feels good! I can't wait to start sharing some of these designs in the coming weeks.

We are gradually settling into life here again, although a bit of a downer has been finding out our shipping container packed with all our earthly belongings, is still sailing the seas and expected to be another month or so away! Living out of suitcases is a little wearing some days, until I remember something that I have on it's way and I get excited that we will have another 'christmas' when our favourite things arrive and get unpacked. Looking forward to that!

What are you looking forward to this year?
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  1. What a gorgeous little outdoor movie set with little box cars. Love it! All the best with the new little one on the way and settling back into Oz!


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