Thursday, December 5, 2013


Hand Lettered 21st Invitation | by Polkadot Prints Mercy's 21st photo 131204_Mercys-21-Coll02_zps3e4e02eb.png Mercy's 21st photo 131204_Mercys21st9_zpsd5176f7f.png Mercy's 21st photo 131204_Mercys21st7_zps8b566f90.png Ice Cream Cups | by Polkadot Prints photo 131204_Mercys-21-Coll01_zps39fe0694.png
My youngest sister celebrated her 21st on the weekend. The last of my siblings to turn twenty-one! :)

The plan was a garden party with old school backyard games, dinner and an outdoor movie. However, due to the summer thunderstorms prone to Queensland, there was a last minute venue change and a few modifications to keep things happy & dry. There was still a whole lot of fun and were still able to show a movie under the back verandah to finish off the evening.

I designed the hand-lettered invitations and some of the party decor for the ice cream bar. (I will never tire of the ice cream bar I don't think…and neither do guests, such a winner!) But everything else, my sister sewed or pulled together, including some picnic blankets & about a dozen outdoor cushions which were still put to good use. Her little details made the old Queenlander look even more beautiful with twinkling lights, as it moved from afternoon to night.

It was a fun evening with funny, and meaningful speeches, tonnes of food and a wonderful relaxed vibe. Happy birthday Mercy! xo
Mercy's 21st photo 131204_Mercys-21-Coll03_zpsf01adbde.png


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