Wednesday, November 27, 2013


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Over the past few months of taking some time off from blogging, I've had some time to reassess my whole work/mum balance and have been happily getting back to more of my freelance graphic design roots.
I want to start sharing more of my freelance stuff here on my blog. It's not always party related or pretty, but I really enjoy doing these projects and I thought it actually gives you a fuller picture of the work that I do do when I'm not making parties or life pretty at my place. I hope you enjoy!

Jordan : )

:: If you need some graphic design work done for your business - logos, brochures, web, stickers, cards, wedding stationery & more - please drop me an email - I've got some availability between now and Christmas, and I'll also be opening up more slots for this kind of work in the new year.


  1. Most certainly! Please email me and we can talk more about it!


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