Saturday, October 19, 2013


Life at the Lodge photo 131014_LastDays3_zps1443de53.png
Life at the Lodge photo 131014_LastDays4_zps67a80c94.png
I feel like we have done full circle with our adventure here in Canada. We are back at the lodge. Back where it all began. (See some of our story herehere,  here & here)
We will spend a few weeks here with Dave's family before flying home. This place is beautiful. Remote (I'm talking a 12km driveway remote). But beautiful. I find it hard to do nothing, so this pace of life is different for me. But I have to remind myself that a forced holiday after all the crazy packing and moving, is actually a gift.
My children are loving having a huge backyard here after life in a 4th floor apartment. Fishing, riding bikes and getting dirty is what it's all about to them. To see Levi's grin each night as he goes to sleep, really does make the remoteness worth it!
We are planning to head into town this weekend, quite the event in these parts! (hello Laura Ingalls! : )
I hope you have a great weekend!
Life at the Lodge photo 131014_LastDays2_zps577d9b5a.png Life at the Lodge photo 131014_LastDays1_zpsfd41845e.png Life at the Lodge photo 131014_LastDays5_zpsc7534094.png  photo 131014_LastDays6_zps118f6671.png


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