Wednesday, June 19, 2013


 photo 130618_GradCollage_zps42c3715f.png Levi had a preschool graduation over the weekend. So funny and cute. I'm not use to that, but it feels good that whatever the future may bring, if he doesn't finish high school, at least he has a graduation under his belt! : )

It was a "Oh the places you'll go" themed thing. His amazing teachers painted a huge mural based on the Dr. Seuss book and had 3D truffle trees up on the stage, and I helped make their little 'hot air balloon' treat baskets. The event was followed by cake and ice cream & the all important jumping castle. Such a fun morning.

Now it's Summer time on this side of the world! Hello Holidays! : )
Everyone 'makes summer plans' here. You appreciate the short summers after such a long winter and everyone seems to make the most of it, going on road trips, camping & holidays. I'm all up for that! Have you got plans?

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