Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It's nice to look back on the year. Reflect. Assess. Sometimes things all bunch together and I lose sight of what I've actually accomplished this year. It's been a good one.

Here's a few of my fave happenings & projects::
Obviously the biggest news of the year was our sweet Ellie being born. Thanks to Etta Photography for capturing our family back in January. I love these photos and am planning on blowing one of all of us up and framing on our wall. I can't wait!
This Birthday Calendar freebie is one of the most popular downloads I've designed for you guys. So glad you liked it, and hope it's helping you (& my mum) be super organised.
I made these travel packs to ease the pain on our surrounding passengers on a 14 hour plane ride to Canada.
I shared our farewell party and our initial reactions to life at the lodge
Played the Canadian hostess
Moleskine Journal DIY by Jordan from Polkadot Prints
One personal highlight for me and my blog was beginning to contribute to Design Mom. These moleskine journals are one of my faves.
Chalk Label School Treats, Polkadot Prints
Saw my big boy head off to preschool and made these fun lunchbox treats
Watoto Charity Gala Invitations
Enjoyed creating for some cool clients, one fave was this Watoto Stationery for their annual charity event.
Coke Spiders by
Introduced my son (and some of you readers!) to the iconic Australian coke spider. Drink on sista!
Oreo Treat Sticks by
Started selling these treat sticks and food picks in my shop - LOVE making them for you...seriously. I have loved getting out from behind the computer and getting my craft on more!
Thanksgiving Free Download | by Jordan
Equal fave with the birthday calendar is this freebie I designed for thanksgiving.
Shrinkie Cake Numbers |
And I headed back to the 80's and re-worked the shrinky dink into something a little more 2012.

And that is just the tip of the ice-berg. Here's to more creative adventures in the 12mths to come.

P.S If you're in Australia, don't forget to check out my Australia Day post from last year. There are a bunch of freebie downloads for your backyard barbies and shindigs!


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