Thursday, January 10, 2013


Baby Shield birth announcement | Polkadot Prints on Minted
Late last year I was asked to join the Minted Design community. Have you seen Minted before? From wall art, calendars & wedding stationery, to Christmas cards, invitations & birth announcements, their prints are designed by indie designers, and selected through competitions & voting. I have always admired their designs and their comprehensive their ordering. You should check them out!

I've just submitted these first designs for voting to hopefully be included in their birth announcement prints for sale. What do you think?

I'd love it if you would spare a few moment and vote for them (if you like them of course!). Would you? It's really easy. You can just click on the Minted logo on the right in my side bar, or vote for you favourite directly via these links - Baby Shield // Twin Watercolour // Stag // Whale of a Time
Voting is only open for the next two days, so don't miss out!

Thanks so much in advance, I'd so love to win the competition and see some of my work for sale on Minted!
Twin Watercolour birth announcement | Polkadot Prints on Minted Stag birth announcement | Polkadot Prints on Minted Whale of a time birth announcement | Polkadot Prints on Minted


  1. You are amazingly gifted! I love them and will be voting!

  2. Congratulations! I love Minted and to be part of their team would be amazing! I totally voted!

  3. having trouble connecting to vote but will come back to it, love the water colour dots :-)


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