Friday, November 16, 2012


Thanksgiving Free Download | by Jordan Thanksgiving Free Download | by Jordan Thanksgiving Free Download | by Jordan So I've 'crossed over' today...that is the border to the US. I'm sharing an American Thanksgiving idea over on Dee's Thankgsiving Series. You can find my full post here. Including recipe & freebie downloads for your own stylish table decor. I've designed them quite generically so you can get creative and use them for any gathering! Thanks life, a life well lived, for an anniversary, for friends....let the gratitude flow!

Enjoy! xo

P.S. Some of the wording has been edited so some of it doesn't sound like me, but you get the idea! :)


  1. Such charming "Give thanks" labels and tags!

  2. Pretty! Would you mind sharing your font choice? I'm a fellow designer and I always loved these type of fonts for weddings, but can't seem to narrow it down. Thanks!


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