Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Pretty Treat Sticks from www.polkadotprints.com.au
Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I have some wonderful news this morning and that is....my shop is open! Hooray!
If you think it's looking a little scaled back, you would be right. (I made some comments on this on Friday.) There are still items being added as I get the time to take photos & upload etc. But you can browse and purchase to your hearts content (and I hope you do!)

The one product I am most excited about are these pretty treat sticks. Doesn't your mind just get all creative about how they could be used for a party, wedding, or holiday get together?! They are perfect for a baker like me. I am a champagne taste on a beer budget kind-a-girl, and I love how even store bought cookies get the all star treatment with these cute sticks! Check out the current range here.

I know they are going to go like hot cakes, so get in quick and keep your eye out for new colours in the coming weeks!

I'll share a couple more new things this week...until then...happy shopping!
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  1. These are adorably cute.....must post to facebook so everyone can see them :)

  2. How cool are those sticks! I have not seen any pretty patterned ones before. Cool! Did u deco yourself or did they come like that?


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