Thursday, July 12, 2012


I'm not one of those people who can move overseas, interstate, have a family and not skip a beat here on the blog, I'm sorry But, keeping your orders going out on time have been the number one priority, which means I haven't been keeping up my regular rhythm of posts of late.
I'm looking forward to the day when I will have my own office space again and not working from computer propped up on it's own computer box sitting cross-legged on the floor - true story!

Since moving here to Canada I've been very aware of the different design styles in fashion, in houses, and decor. Looking at different places to live has been a real eye opener to what each country considers a modern interior. You don't realise how much your culture and surroundings mold your taste and perceptions.

I've heard the golden rule in home decor is buying and decorating only with things you LOVE and it will all look cohesive. I don't know if it's true or not, but with the opportunity to start from scratch, maybe I could try it?

Images // Top:: Freedom Bottom:: The Home Depot


  1. It must be an awesome change...Australia to Canada...
    I lived in Sydney myself and loved it so much, I don't think I could move anywhere...
    If I had a choice at that time, I'd have stayed.
    How are you feeling in Canada?

  2. Hi Jordan! Shifting to an attractive area is truly a wonderful experience though first time it's little bit concerning but it seems you are much comfortable now in Canada ;). I wish your dream comes true. Good luck.
    interior design

  3. it's been a long transition, but with our own place on the horizon, things are much better. Loving this new place but still miss home many days. I love experiencing a new culture though! : )

  4. Oh is the one on the bottom modern in Canada? I wouldn't call it modern but it's the style I've been showing the people coming to give me kitchen quotes - I actually really like that look. They are all calling it shaker style or french provincial....which is kinda the opposite to modern I guess :) Hope you are all doing well. PS Will send final buffet labels in the morning Xx

  5. it is very important to imptove your home design for the beauty


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