Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I thought I'd group some of my instragram photos together that show the different food here that we've seen and tried. You all mentioned how awesome these marshmallows were, but they are just the beginning! Some foods are the same and some so different.
I finally found cheese that tastes and looks like the type we're use to, I'm loving these baby carrotts you can get in a pack, a cheap, easy & healthy snack! And those chocolate covered freeze-dried strawberries are awesome with a capital 'A'. I can eat a whole packet in one sitting! (that's not so awesome of course : )

We're off to Vancouver this week. I'm so looking forward to getting into a city and experiencing some of the sights and picking up some decor items for the mock up room. We'll take the kids to Stanley park and I want to head down to Granville Island again (my fave), do you have any other recommendations for us? I'm all ears!


  1. If you're going to be in Stanley Park anyway, then make sure you pop into the aquarium! It's slightly hidden away and wonderful :) They have Penguins now too! Also, I haven't been since I was a teenager but I remember the Science World being great. Plus if you're going to Granville, instead of driving/walking/busing- make sure you get the little ferryboat over! I believe it's by the Science World and is rainbow striped :) Too much fun, and has great views.

    Also! Downtown,Just before the steam clock there is am amazing (and cheap!) sushi restaurant, and up one of the surrounding streets is a gorgeous button shop called "Button Buttons" (opposite which is a really great alley way (don't let it put you off!) filled with some of the most artistic graffiti that is really worth a look. At the top of that little hill is a massive fabric store that's wonderful too! I believe the fabric store is on West Hastings (near the steam clock) and the alley way and button shop is down a street to the left of it (if you're looking directly at it). Enjoy!!


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