Wednesday, June 27, 2012


You may have read about my desire to attend Alt Summit design conference before? I've haven't made it yet, but I'm getting closer with this move to Canada...maybe this coming January is the year!

Even though I've never made it to the summit, the girls who run the show have started offering online classes. Have you seen them? They offer topics from starting out in your blog, finding your niche, advertising, and technical aspects to bloggins such as photography & writing. I truly have learnt a truckload from the couple I've already taken. My fave so far was this one hosted by Liz from Say Yes to Hoboken.

I'm looking at few others coming up next month like growing your readership, and being more organised. I was too late for this one which sounded really interesting! I do wonder what the critique would have been!

I encourage you check out all the Alt classes here they might just be what you need to take things to the next level in your creative endeavours!

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