Saturday, May 19, 2012


Well we finally arrived at the lodge this week. A home that doesn't yet feel like home. To say it's a culture shock would be an understatement! When we arrived, there was no running water (but was internet...get that!), our driveway alone is 20mins long, and our nearest supermarket is just under an hour away. This is totally different to the city life and Australian environment I'm use to. If I've ever needed one of my happy places like here or here, it's now! :)

It's been tough. I have missed things from home, but for the first time earlier this week, I actually wanted to get on a plane and go home. I didn't know how I'd go sharing this - this move has been something I've looked forward to for so long, so I feel ungrateful for feeling this way when I have been given this amazing life opportunity. It's strange that you can feel like something is the right thing to do, yet feels so hard.
This is life though complete with ups and downs and I know I will look back on these first few weeks and laugh at what a greenhorn I was!

This is part of the reason I opened the shop this week. I needed my creative outlet back, and something that felt normal. It is good to be back, and thank you for your encouragement over on Facebook too. I hope you have some lovely events planned for this year to create memories and bring a sense of tradition and love to your home. I hope my designs help you do that. Really family is so important, and if we can just make it a little more beautiful, then why not.

That's going to be my plan during this time of adjustment - keep making things beautiful, focus on the joy in the little things so that it changes my perspective on the big things. I don't think I can go wrong if I make a choice to be thankful in all of this, do you? xo

Here's a 'little' thing that I'm grateful for this week - Dave built a small campfire one evening and we toasted marshmallows. It felt so idealistic when inside I was feeling homesick. So here are some photos from a 'joy moment' this week - un-showered in all our glory! : )
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I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

(P.S. We now have running cold AND hot water, hooray!)


  1. Ooh Jordan, I feel for you! I totally understand how you feel. I came to Australia 16 yrs ago & it has been a roller coaster of emotions. It takes time & you need to give yourself time. My own experience is that you always feel homesick; you adjust, you love your new life & friends, you stop thinking about going back home & live there, but you have moments when you feel homesick.
    Having a small baby & moving to another country is a huge change! I hope it would start to get easier for you!

  2. Change is always hard--even when it's a change you want! :) I hope things start feeling more "homey" for you soon!

  3. Thanks so much Bobbie! I've heard from a few girls who've been through similar things. So comforting to know I'm not alone in this experience!! I'm sure Australia will always feel like home no matter how long I'm away for, I'm so thankful for your encouragement. Just keep breathing, loving and creating! Much love xo

  4. Thanks Steph! I'm hoping it starts to feel like home soon too! Doing little things that make it beautiful helps a lot. I so appreciate your encouragement xo

  5. Jordan, the lovely Amber from introduced me to you. I am a Queenslander currently living in Northern Alberta. Unlike you, I was reluctant about this move; like you, I knew it was right for our family. We are approaching our one-year anniversary here. And, looking back, I can say without overstatement or melodrama that this has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. My tears have slowed from daily to perhaps weekly. I crave the known-ness of my Australian family and community, I grieve the loss of the flexible and purposeful work I left behind, and I miss the humidity and heat All The Time. Accept the waves of homesickness when they come, seek out things that bring contentment, and cherish the fleeting moments when the new place feels like home. x

  6. Hi Kerryn, I just left a comment on your blog so that hopefully we can connect. Just knowing there is a fellow Queenslander in a similar situation makes you feel a little more at home. I can so relate to your comments and am so glad the tears are drying up a little and you're getting moments of 'home'. xo
    It's the 'known-ness' that really gets you I think, you put it well. Hopefully talk soon!


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