Tuesday, May 29, 2012



Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I think I had the best day yesterday since moving here. Spent in town; church, park, lunch, shops, dinner, home. It was a little bit of perfect!

This week I'm really trying to pull together my ideas for this lodge and the look I think that works the best. Trying to not get carried away my too many options but staying true to my original concepts. Here are a few key pieces that keep me on track. I'm thinking light, airy with glass and a few wicker and timber elements. Neutrals with texture I think.

The biggest thing now is to track down some shops that stock this kind of thing. If I was in Australia, I'd know exactly where to go. But here...I'm such a newbie. I need your help! What are some great stores here in Canada for this style of thing? Thanks in advance!

Images // 1:: Butlers Tray // 2:: Shelf & Mirror // 3:: Glass Pendant // 4:: Rustic Neutral bedroom // 5:: Grey Chair

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