Saturday, April 28, 2012


We took the kids to see the snow for the first time this week. While it's quite mild weather where we are, there is still plenty of snow up at the nearby ski resort. To say Levi had a great time is an understatement! He threw, jumped and played with the stuff with reckless abandon. We'll see what he thinks of snow after a long winter at the lodge!

I'm having a few techy problems at the moment; one is replying to your comments with Bloggers new threaded comments widget, so I hope that sorts itself out soon. Thank you for all your thoughts and kind words of encouragement. It's such a highlight of my day to read your comments.
The other issue is sending email. I am getting email fine, but outgoing are have a few issues. I hope that will be fixed soon too especially if you're waiting for a response from me!

Until then, here are few fun things from around the web this week:

// This tutorial would help me respond to you easier (please do it! : )
// An easy take home idea you could use for many occasions
// Eat in style (reminds me of this)
// Have you ever tried felt food?
// An easy toddler craft to practice sewing


  1. Love that photo! Must be quite the change from the Aussie winter!

  2. Thanks Emma! Yes, very different, we actually need scarves and jackets! :)


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