Friday, April 27, 2012


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Here's a little free printable that I thought you might enjoy. Perfect for a personal treat (hello Mothers day!) or for a get together with the girlfriends, these little flags are ready to be stuck to a toothpick and be dunked in chocolate.

I used them at a party I hosted last year where I served individual plates & pots of chocolate fondue & fruit. Instead of pure chocolate, I made a mousse style dip with whipped cream and melted Toblerone (delish!). It made it a little less rich and sickening. But I'm sure you're friends wouldn't complain whichever you served!
These photos make me miss Pascall marshmallows - so soft and creamy....hmmmmm. Have some for me!

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  1. I loooove fondue! Love the idea of serving it in individual pots too and toblerone - yum! Thanks for printable, I'm just going to have to create an excuse to use them.

  2. Me too Emma! One of my favourites...doesn't feel so bad for you when there's fruit in the mix! I hope you get to use the printable soon!

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  4. Hi Jordan, how do you download the fondue flags for free? When I try to download the file the website wants me to pay $. I am hosting a movie night for a bunch of girlfriends and would love to use your gorgeous printable.

  5. Hi Jenny, try this direct link -

    They are on scribd and are free, so there shouldn't be any request for money! Any more problems, please email me

    Thanks : )


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