Monday, February 13, 2012


I was lamenting about a slow week in the shop recently (and wondering when I would be discovered and my book deal would arrive in the mail!) When I took the time to stop, go through some photos and remember some customers pics & photo shoots I'd been a part of late last year.

It's such a good reminder to reflect on the happenings in my business, especially when I feel like things aren't growing. They really are, and it's really exciting! I just have to look for it, not get distracted, but keep singing my own song. Here's just a few of the fun shoots and custom work I helped with. Enjoy a peek, and I'll let you know if that party craft book contract arrives!
Vintage toy theme :: Party dots, drink label & cookie topper designs - Whimsy Petite StylingPhotobucket
Pretty pink Holy Communion :: Buffet labels & Sign
Ice Cream Sundae rainbow party :: Invites, Thank you dots and ice cream wrapper - Voice Photography
Flying High :: Party Dots - My Little Teapot
Engagement Photo Shoot :: Chocolate hearts, Book covers, YES patterned banner - Naomi V Photography
Wizard of Oz :: Milk bottle labels - Whimsy Petite Styling


  1. I can appreciate your post so much, Jordan. It's hard to be objective about your own growth sometimes, but just stay focused. You are an amazing talent!


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