Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentines Day! What are your plans for today?
Here are some love inspired pins I've been adding to my pinterest incase you're in the market for some last minute ideas.

:: Whisper sweet nothings in your sweethearts ear
:: Cosy up with a box of chocolate
:: She loves me
:: For a healthy valentines day
:: One pretty pink cake
:: Put your silver change to good use
:: Whip up these fluffy marshmallow hearts
:: Create a crate of love
:: And allow yourself to sparkle

We're at home tonight so I'm planning a 'lovely' meal for us. Something simple but special. Have a great night and remember to share the love!

{Image: Polkadot Prints Valentines collection}


  1. Happy Valentines Day back! We had a lovely dinner and a great evening, very relaxed :)


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