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If only I knew Linda back when I hosted Levi's Flying High party. I can't believe how well these cookies match my design; miles better than my attempt! Thanks so much for sharing Linda on the blog today!

Hi it's Linda here from Bubble and Sweet Blog and I'm so happy to be over here at Polkadot Prints for a special guest post to show y'all how you can make up some decorated plane cookies to match the awesome flying high printable range.
I've always loved the flying high printable range and thought it was a great kids party range, but with the news that Jordan will soon be leaving Australia for Canada, I've decided it would make a fabulous bon voyage party range as well ;)
Ok lets get onto the tutorial....
Flying High aeroplane cookie
You will need an aeroplane cookie cutter to make this cookie. I got my cutter in a big bucket of plastic cookie cutters that cost under $20 for 100 cutters which is pretty good value. Any cutters you will not be using for cookies you can give to the kids to use with playdoh. Fondant, food colour, edible pens and other decorating ingredients can be found at large craft stores (eg. Spotlight and Michael's) or specialty cake decorating stores.
Aeroplane shaped sugar cookies Fondant (ready roll type) coloured light blue, white, black and orange using gel food colors (like Americolor or Wilton brand) small plastic rolling pin cornflour (cornstarch) for dusting Aeroplane cookie cutter small round fondant cutter (2cm or 3/4") brush and water Icing tip (Wilton #12) black edible pen * Fondant dries out fast, work quickly and when not in use pop it into a ziplock bag or air tight container. Knead before use to make more pliable.  Make the round orange 'motors'. Dust the workbench with a little cornflour, roll out the orange fondant until thin and even and using the round cookie cutter cut out shapes.
Place the rounds onto a tray or covered in baking paper and then using the small end of the #12 tip cut out a circle from the middle of the round. Allow these rounds to dry for a couple of hours.
Dust the workbench with a little cornflour, roll out the light blue fondant until thin and even and using the aeroplane cookie cutter cut out shapes. Brush the cookie lightly with a little water and using the small rolling pin adhere the fondant to the cookie pressing down lightly with the roller.
Dust the workbench and roll our a small amount of the black fondant (if you find you are having trouble with the cornflour showing you can use a little vegetable shorting instead). Using the small end of the #12 tip cut out 3 small circles for each plane. Place the black rounds onto the fondant covered aeroplane cookies down the body of the plane in between the wings. If you need to use the brush and water to adhere the black disks, only use a very small amount otherwise the black fondant will bleed. Pinch off small pieces of orange fondant flatten into circles with your fingertips and press onto the black rounds. Dust the workbench with a little cornflour, roll out the white fondant until thin and even and using the aeroplane cookie cutter cut out just the aeroplane's nose, then using a sharp knife, cut where the nose meets the rest of the plane, and then around .75cm into the nose make another cut so you end up with a strip of white fondant. Gently curve the stripe and place it onto the fondant covered cookie, just inside where the nose meets the plane body where the cockpit of the plane would be.
Allow the cookies to dry/set a for a couple of hours. Once set you can use a black edible pen to draw stitching around the edge of the cookie.
Mix a little bit of the orange fondant with water so it becomes a little tacky and use the tacky orange fondant as glue to stick the round orange 'motors' you made earlier - one on each wing.
Thanks Jordan for the invite to come on over and visit - and I hope y'all enjoyed this tutorial .

Linda has recently launched a kid-friendly cook book "Sweets on a Stick". You can purchase your copy with lots of fun ideas via her blog here.


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