Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It's been a fun and big weekend in my little spot of the world. I'm still digging my way out from the Facebook sale. Orders are just about to start heading to the big shiny red post boxes! Yay!

While a sale like that is a huge the logistical undertaking, I had a really creative and recharging weekend. I headed to Finders Keepers for the first time and loved it. I bought a few letterpress bits and pieces from this stall, and some cute wrapping paper from these girls (see a paper theme emerging at all?!). So energizing being in a place with other creative, handmade kinda people.

I went for (pregnancy friendly) drinks on Sunday to a new fave place, for a friends birthday (felt all carefree and single again - woot!). It reminded me of an African safari lodge and got me reminiscing.

And I got a new diary for the new year from, seriously, one of my favourite 'happy places'. Love Kikki-K, and really loving their new Ice Cream collection. Their ice cream diary, magnet & pen set has found a new home with me. Even though I love technology, I still run off an 'old school' paper diary. Nothing like it!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and are recharged for the week ahead!

{Images: Kikki-K 1|  Sundae Diary Gift Pack 2| Sundae Stamp Set 3|  Sundae Pencil Case 4 | Sundae Bulldog Clips 5| Blue Sundae Pen 6| Medium Sundae Pencil Case 7| My Story Journal}


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So great to hear from you! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I'll always answer your questions so please check back for a reply! xo

P.S I had to put the verification back on as spam was well...spamming me! : )