Friday, November 4, 2011


Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my Facebook sale last night! It went till quite late, but was a lot of fun. I hope you have some stationery and party goods ready for your parties coming up! There were a few things that I still had left over, so I've created an album on my Facebook page with those items that are still for sale if you're interested.

This sale was one thing I wanted to do before everything Christmas started. Once I get everyones orders finalised and shipped, I get to get stuck into some Christmas projects I have planned. I love this season of the year, it's my favourite!
Tickle the Imagination's online magazine Christmas issue came out this month and it's definitely got me in the creative Christmas spirit! If you haven't seen this online mag, I highly recommend subscribing to it!

I'm going to check out Finder's Keepers tomorrow with Daneve - can't wait! But today I'm off to start invoicing and packing orders from last night....happy weekend!

{Image: Carnival themed Party Dots}


  1. There's so many lovely Christmas projects, I don't know where to start! :)

    I also thought I'd mention that you were awarded a "Tell Me About Yourself" award on my blog. :)



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