Friday, September 9, 2011


You probably know by now that the recipes I share here are by no means MasterChef standard. They are simple but always delicious - solid, reliable, yummy. You can always jazz something up in a cute jar, with some ribbon or paper goods. At least that's the way I roll!

This little chocolate mousse number is from my sister and I used for the Cherry Love & Safari Park shoots. And, I've actually got some in the fridge right now as part of a choc-berry parfait I'm preparing for friends coming to dinner tonight. It's a super easy recipe...

600ml Thickened Cream
250g Chocolate, melted
600ml Chocolate custard (I use Pauls Double Thick)
Whip cream. Gradually whip in, chocolate custard & melted chocolate till completely mixed through. Put into dish or individual ramekins. Chill till set.


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{Images: Naomi V Photography}


  1. I just love this Chocolate Mousse. even these photos are making me hungry then what would have been if i see them in real. great photos


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