Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Okay, I think I've saved the best till last of these new collections. Actually not my best, but Linda's best. Linda from Bubble & Sweet (who coincindently lives down the road from me...who knew!), made all the cookies & macarons I used in the Cherry Love, Cocktails at Tiffany's & this Babushka shoot.
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She is seriously one clever cookie herself. When Linda dropped these goodies off I would like pop the lid and show them off to anyone and everyone who dropped by! (I had one friend whip out her phone and started snapping away saying how her teenage daughters would just love them...).
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They are amazing don't you think? She put so much detail into them. And those square ones...ahhh gorgeous!

And check out this awesome idea she did for her daughters vintage paper doll party recently - I love an original creative idea...genius!

I want to give a huge thanks to Linda for her creativity she put into these for me and really made my products shine. Please head over to Linda's blog and make sure you follow. She graciously shares all her recipes and baking know-how. Also she has a new book coming out you might want to pre-order for you and the kids - fun!

This Babushka design is available in my store.

{Images are by the very talented Naomi from Naomi V Photography...I will share a full post about her sometime soon too!}


  1. Goodness, your paper goods collection paired with these amazing cookies = a pretty sight indeed! So glad to have found your blog via The Twinery. :-)

  2. Awe you say the sweetest things, you made me smile about showing off my cookies. The printable range is sooo pretty it was great inspiration.

  3. Thanks Lissa, and welcome to my blog!
    Linda, it is worthy praise my friend! Thanks a million! xo

  4. wow these are beautiful. off to have a look at her blog. tfs Jordan.

  5. Linda's work is amazing !! and I love this design Jordan very well done indeed to you all.


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