Monday, June 27, 2011


Hey all! Well, I'm back on board after a week off! And can I say how enjoyable it was. As much as I love you all and love getting orders and designing, after a hectic few months, I really needed to get my creative mojo back. I don't know if it's all fully back on deck again yet, but I definitely see it up ahead now.

I spent 4 days last week visiting my parents which was so relaxing. There was mainly a lot of walking, eating and sitting going on. They live near the beach and so even though it was a tad on the cold side (for my tropical-loving self anyway), we trekked down and played in the sand a few times which made for one happy boy!
One of the reasons I've been so slow in emails, blogging and all round enthusiasm for anything other than a pillow and salty crackers is because....I'm pregnant!!! I know crazy right? After last year's heartache this is just a little miracle for Dave and I ...and I'm feeling good (other than the morning sickness of course!).

I know I will look back and wish I had done some kind of creative announcement to you all but seriously, my energy levels have been next to zero, so words and a picture will have to do today (and I can't keep it secret for any longer!!). number two is on it's way!

Woohoo!! (do these exclamation marks hide the fact that I'm really sitting here typing, but wishing I could be in bed already? oh the joys of hormones!! :)

{Original image by Etta Photography}


  1. Oh congratulations, a baby, tee wee, how exciting for your family. Welcome back & we're here when you are!! Love Posie

  2. oh YAY, YAY thats wonderful news, so happy for you! take care x

  3. Oh Jordan that is such wonderful news - I know it has been quite a tricky time for you so I send my love and best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy. Lots of love. Leanne xx

  4. congratulations Jordan. what wonderful news. very best wishes!!

  5. Congratulations honey, I am over the moon for you and your precious family xx

  6. Yay! Congratulations!! Such great news. All the best, and hope the exhaustion and sicky feelings pass soon. :)

  7. Congratulations Jordan, wishing you all the best! Wonderful news!

  8. YAY! That is fabulous news:) SO excited for you. xoxoxoxo


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