Monday, May 2, 2011


Cripes, all these long weekends are getting the best of me and I am totally in relax mode! Ahhhh....
I did want to share one last thing from the Down in the Garden party from last week though, which is a new printable treat box design; the "Hook Treat Box". Called that because that's how the top closes - genius?? Actually, I couldn't think of a better name, so 'hook' it is!
These were the party favours for the guests and they had two mini toadstool cookies inside. The cookies were from Linda of Bubble & Sweet, and the chocolate flavour was delish! They are one of my smaller boxes, so great if you don't want a lot of sugar or have something smaller as a gift to guests.

The boxes are now available in my store as a printable in your choice of design - you can personalise and print as many as you need! I've also just started a little Etsy store with some of my products, just incase you're a big fan and would prefer to buy from there...
Back to this long weekend... - Jordan x


  1. Jordan- you did a great job. An adorable take on the garden theme! :)


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