Saturday, April 9, 2011



Yay, it's the weekend! We went to the park yesterday afternoon, it was so nice to feel like a fun mum after a busy week of work projects. While I have resigned to the fact there is no magic formula to balancing work with motherhood and wife-hood, and I know I will probably have this tension in my life forever, I have been motivated recently to just stop making excuses and DO all the things that I say to myself in my mind "one day" or "when things aren't so busy".

I'm doing less official & programmed things (like Playgroup), but making more of an effort to do more intentional activities within our days - Library, park, cooking, going for a drive, craft, etc. No more putting off, I want to make these the best years of my little guys' life!
We're off to the airport shortly to pick up my parents-in-law. Maybe some plane & people watching is in order! Do you struggle with the tension? How do you balance the different roles in your world?

Here are some fun things from my internet travels this week -
:: One for any Angry Birds addicted person
:: Can you believe the cake at this party?
:: Message in an egg

Enjoy! See you soon, Jordan x

P.S. There was an after school birthday party happening at the park yesterday. The guests played with these yellow rocket balloons for AGES, blowing them up and then letting them go. A great idea and I imagine really inexpensive!

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  1. LOL! My boys love Angry Birds. Just had a look at the link, so cute!

  2. Hello Jordan - so pleased you are doing a few of the "I must do that" things - don't think the balance will ever be the way anyone wants it so I have just learnt to live with it! Just tried to do your weekend whip around and the link to the cake goes to the Angry Birds tutorial - always keen to have a look at cakes!!!

  3. Thanks girls. Leanne -thanks for the tip. Would you believe it was Sofia's party?? :) So funny that you were the one to notice this. It was such an incredible cake, looked so real! x

  4. love your blog :) glad i found it!


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