Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Earlier this year I closed the doors of my graphic design freelance studio as I wanted to focus more on my printables and stationery, and just have a better work & family balance (farewell corporate promotions and annual reports!)

I have kept graphic design open for small business though and have just recently done a logo for Jenny who has started a bricks and mortar gift shop. The road their shop on is lined with Jacaranda trees and this was the main inspiration she wanted for the new look. I love her slimline business cards that came back last week too - sleek and matte finish...hmm, nice!
She stocks some gorgeous gifts in the pharmacy she and her husband own. And she has not done it in halves I tell you! Such unique and cute things. Lots of vintage, wooden toys, women's handbags, jewelry, homewares and gifts. I popped in a few weeks back to take a few photos of some of her product. Perfect pressies & decorations for Easter and Mothers Day that is just around the corner!
If you own or are starting a business and want a logo design you can find prices here. Once purchased, I will send you a questionaire that will help capture the heart, vision and purpose of your business in a logo. Contact me if you have any questions!


So great to hear from you! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I'll always answer your questions so please check back for a reply! xo

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