Friday, February 11, 2011

Nella's Birth Favour Box

You know when you find a new blog and just trawl through all the archives gleaning as much info as possible about the new gem that you just discovered? I was like that when I cam across Kelle Hampton's Enjoying the Small things. With the crazy pace of the party industry, it felt like a Sunday drive. I love how she captures the beauty of everyday.

At the birth of her second little girl, she had created these 'birth favours'. Not a tradition I am overly familiar with, (and to be perfectly honest I don't know if my pre/post birth organisation skills would be up to scratch for this), but I do think it is a beautiful welcome to the world! And those big pink ribbons...lushious (I would be crossing my fingers the scan determining the babies gender was right! :)
Have you seen this tradition before? Is it just an American thing?

I have my fingers crossed for my new website this weekend...can it be?!?
While I wait with great anticipation, here are a few fun finds from web-world. A little bit Valentines inspired...

:: Naturally Sweet - for your health conscious valentine
:: Happy Hearts
:: Cupid Kit
:: Macaron messages


  1. 'Enjoying the small things' is such a gorgeously honest blog. I love reading about her family and life and she writes so beautifully! Thanks Jordan for sharing. I remember reading her birth story and it brought me to tears. It's so nice to be reacquainted with it again!

  2. I think it's a Kelle Hampton thing tbh.

  3. It is my favourite blog !! It helps to keep everything in perspective, and makes you want to cuddle up your kids and jump in puddles with them. It is such a "feel good" beautiful

  4. In Brazil it´s a huge thing these birth favours. Usually it´s chocolates or small spongecakes filled with dulce de leche (similar to caramel) wrapped nicely in crepon paper or fabric.

  5. Priscilla, you Brazillian mama's must have to be organised for this! I'd want to be in line for one of those cakes though, they sound delicious!


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