Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day peeps! I hope you have been showering love on everyone today. I'm really liking these happy hearts from A Creative Mint. Very lovely for a day like today.
We had the day off work, so we spent the day in the sun at & tiring. Thanks to my slow cooker and a quick and easy chocolate mousse I prepared before we left, I have a red and white themed dinner planned for tonight for our little family. Bring on the loving! :)

Also just a note, if you have emailed me over the past four days, I won't have received your email. In my website update, there have been some issues with email. It's still pending, so I will let you know when it's all back online and will get you to re-send. You can get in touch via my facebook page in the meantime. Thanks for your patience! The website is going to be so much easier to order and browse. I can't wait to show you some new products I have too! Till then..x

(Image via A Creative Mint)

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