Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mini-Celebrations :: Chocolate bar wrappers

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thank you for letting me know your thoughts on last weeks post. Things are moving along with the new website and blog. I'm so excited to see how it's coming together, and can't wait till it's live! 
With a lot of Christmas projects and custom work on recently, I needed to actually step away and apply some real life creativity. So one night, I decided to make dinner a little bit fun. I didn't cook anything super special, just whatever I had already planned, but I put a little effort into making it look a bit special. (I put it together in the morning and it was funny how the rest of the days activities just whizzed by as I looked forward to home-time and dinner!)

I had these mini chocolate bars from Alidi, in my supplies. I cut out some wrappers for them, pulled out some fabric and napkins from my prop cupboard, put some oranges and lemons in a bowl, and viola! It added a little spice to our meal that night. So many times, I feel like I don't make the most of the moments, so when I do...I want to shout it from the rooftop!!

Birthdays only come around once a year, but you can make 'mini-celebrations' anytime...about anything...or nothing! Have you created a mini-celebration at your place recently?


  1. Gorgeous Jordan - love it!! Leanne
    PS. Sorry I haven't added my comment to your question last week - wanted to think more about it so will get back to you soon - you know I love everything that you do and it is always nice to get to know a little more about you as well - a nice balance is always great! Leanne x


So great to hear from you! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I'll always answer your questions so please check back for a reply! xo

P.S I had to put the verification back on as spam was well...spamming me! : )