Friday, September 3, 2010

Fathers Day Printable

Father's day kind of sneaks up on me every year. (Australian fathers day is this weekend) I think it is partly procrastination. I find men are often so hard to buy for. Actually...let me  re-phrase that. Every guy would love a new boat, a car, jet ski etc, so really they're so hard to buy *inexpensive* for! 
Have you made any father's day plans yet? 

I know it's this sunday, but I have created some printables for you if you are still needing some Father's Day inspiration or decoration! There are three pages of various, tags, dots, pillow box and cards. All for $10!! Find it in my store here

Weekend Whip-Around:

:: DIY Superhero dad greeting card 
:: Create a Hero Pack for fathers day
:: Fast Food for dad without the sodium...just a whole lot of sugar!
:: Roll up to the circus!
:: Camo gear...check...plane making...check....ready for take off!

Have a wonderful weekend my lovely readers! And hope you enjoy celebrating fathers day!
Jordan xo


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