Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Polkadot Parties :: Eli's Space Party

Eli's SpaceParty
Blast off to Eli's space themed party! I created these Space printables for a lovely customer and friend Raeleigh. She has sent me these photos from the day that I wanted to share. For being a self-confessed "non-party mum", she has done an amazing job! It looks all the kids had so much fun and she has created some really neat stuff - love that rocket fruit and those cupcakes!
The entire Space theme - named in honour of Eli, is now available in my store.
Thanks for sharing Raeleigh!


  1. This looks like Boy Heaven! So colorful - and I love your photo collage!

  2. Makes me wish my boys were small again to plan a out of this world party for them.

  3. That is one very cool party! I particular love the fruit stick rockets, and of course the fabulous printables!

  4. I´m totally fascinated by the cute things!
    The CUPCAKES are so colorful, I love it!


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