Friday, August 6, 2010

INSPIRATION :: Woodland Fairy Party

Image source: My Life-My Loves
Sharnel, styling extraordinaire, has styled another beautiful event this time for her daughters 6th birthday. I love that she has taken the woodlands beyond a dessert table and created an entire scene! Wow! Those butterfly balls and toadstool seats (which she made herself!!), are amazing! Her full post is here. Love your work Sharnel! xo

Weekend Whip Around:
:: Look forward to getting one of these rainbow diaries next year!
:: I always wondered who lived in the perfect homes of catalogues - totally funny! :)
:: Baby clothes just got a little bit of personality...
:: A heartwrenching 'blog letter' from a wife to her husband - have tissues handy *sniff*


  1. That was hilarious! I loved the Catalogue comments. As for the diary, looks like we will be diary samers again in 2011!

  2. What cute decorations! I love the placemats they are adorable!



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