Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In the company of dreamers

A huge thank you to all who came by and said hello at Mathilda's Markets on the weekend. Such a fun and rewarding morning with so many women, mum's, prams and babies! It was a huge highlight to meet & hug real people whom I hadn't seen in a while, or had only previously known by name & email! 
I found it so encouraging to be standing alongside some amazing women who run their own business', and in doing so are living out their dreams and passions.  Following an average couple of months, it has spurred me on in my own dreams for this little business of mine, my family and my future. I really feel so blessed. xo
I plan to share the rest of the farmyard design with you this week, as well as some other party good-ness...talk to you soon!
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  1. Hey Jordan,
    I'm so glad you had a fab time at Mathilda's. And I'm so sorry to read about your average couple of months. Sending you lots of hugs and happiness. xo

  2. Great to hear Jordan - so pleased the day was so wonderful for you - look forward to seeing more of your brilliant designs! Now I either need to get to Brissy or you need to get to Sydney so we can meet as well! L xx

  3. Good for you hope you got some shots of the day :-) But I do know how hard that is!


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