Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wedding Stationery - Lemon Mood Board

(image source from client, but I recocnise some from Style Me Pretty & JL Designs)

I am currently working on a wedding job for a client. There is something special about wedding jobs! Here are some images she sent me as a mood board for her big day - she loves yellow! The finished product will be under wraps for a little while yet, but I'm getting a summery and sweet vibe! 

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  1. I love mood boards, especially from Snippet and Ink! These are lovely too :-)

  2. I've really been inspired by the mood and color boards I'm seeing everywhere. I think I need to start this! Thanks for sharing (those are beautiful btw!) :)

  3. You're so amazing! I love the lemon wedding stationery concept. Thanks for sharing.


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