Monday, August 30, 2010

Milk Cartons with a peg on top!

Remember these little milk cartons? My favourite last-minute addition to Levi's party last weekend. I seriously LOVE them! (You can see the scale of them in the last photo) I came across the idea here, and the original template here
I personalised the design to match the invitation and theme we were going with. Printed. Cut. Scored. Folded. Taped...& pegged! 
Due to the amount of interest in these, I have added them to the 'custom design' section of my store. So you can choose your theme and text, and I will send you the digital printable file. Check them out here


  1. Fantastic Jordan - they will be popular! So lovely to see your party around the blog world! Leanne

  2. These were one of my favorite elements of the party, Jordan! Great to know we can order!

  3. LOVE these! Love the disclaimer at the bottom too! = )


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