Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Ellie's Rainbow 2nd Birthday | Polkadot Prints Ellie's Rainbow 2nd Birthday | Polkadot Prints
Well winter is definitely here! We've had our first round of the winter flu hit us with a vengeance and made the rounds through all of us, including a little hospital stay for little miss Lexie to perk up her oxygen levels with a bout of bronchiolitis poor baby. I miss summer already! So I'm taking you back to Ellie's 2nd birthday in the height of summer.
I was heavily pregnant when it came time for the party planning, so we didn't do anything too fancy. I made a piƱata and and pastel pink ombre cake with topper, in fitting with her 'rainbow & sunshine' theme. (see invitation I shared here)
She had a lovely day and it was just the right amount of event planning for me at the time. She looks so small even just four months ago!

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Ellie's Rainbow 2nd Birthday | Polkadot Prints Rainbow & Sunshine Invitation | by Jordan Bariesheff

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