Saturday, July 20, 2013


Ellie's Wall Art photo 130711_WallPrint-Initials-Lead_zps2923f0f5.png Ellie's Wall Art photo 130711_WallPrintInitials4_zps17882500.png
A few weeks ago some friends of ours had a Christening service for their little girl. I know for Catholics, this is a significant day, so I designed this (pink) monogram & floral personalised wall print for her.
I had two frames so, while I was in the groove, I did one up for Ellie too! I've been wanting to add some colour to the walls in kids' room, so this is just the beginning. I don't know if she was sure at first...but I think she likes it! : )
Next up, a boy print...Ellie's Wall Art photo 130711_WallPrintInitials2_zpsed821f72.png Ellie's Wall Art photo 130711_WallPrint-Initials_Ellie-4_zpse2410f28.png Ellie's Wall Art photo 130711_WallPrintInitials_Ellie1_zpsc487c1a1.png

Wall print available in my shop in a number of different colour ways

Images: copyright Polkadot prints


  1. Oh, these would be lovely gift items for any occasion!

  2. Oh for sure Bellenza Bistro! Birthdays, first Christmas...or even older kids. : )

  3. These are beautiful! Very nice job! Wishing I had a wee one to buy these for! Cheers!

  4. Thanks so much Hippofatamus : ) & Cherry Blossoms : )


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