Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Party Glass Charms | by Polkadot Prints photo PartyGlassCharms13550_zps3a0c8d89.jpg
Happy Monday folks. I was so chuffed to see my Down in Garden party shared on Babble last week (a lovely surprise thanks Gabrielle!). Seriously. Happy, happy.
With spring arriving, it's definitely heading into party time on this side of the world. Things are even getting warmer here in Edmonton too...it's been a long winter! : )
Enter my latest freebie for you all. These party drink charms are a great addition to your party arsenal as we head into barbie, outdoor living kind of weather. Throw away the paper cups and niko (aka sharpie) and pull out these re-useable tags made from Shrinky Dinks. And next time you're at a party and ask for a refill, you can tell them "mine's the mint/peach/aubergine one..."

Here's how:
 photo 130429_Glass-CharmsHOW_zps28886a62.png

1. Print this freebie design onto Shrinky Dink paper
2. Cut out and punch holes ready for hanging
3. Be mesmerised by the way the tags shrink down in size (enlist a small child to add to the wonderment)
4. Use ribbon or a silver charm ring to attach tags to your drinks. I used silver elastic for these mini glasses which worked really well.
5. Party On without mixin' germs!

Party Glass Charms | by Polkadot Prints photo PartyGlassCharms10550_zps8b4ec50e.jpg Party Glass Charms | by Polkadot Prints photo PartyGlassCharms11550_zps5b01137b.jpg Party Glass Charms | by Polkadot Prints photo PartyGlassCharms12550_zpsce569472.jpg
Party Glass Charms | by Polkadot Prints photo PartyGlassCharms9550_zps42333b34.jpg


  1. i can't download this great freebie!!!!!is it me or maybe the link is not working....thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  2. Oh thanks for letting me know! All fixed now : )

  3. Such a cute (and practical) idea!

  4. Thanks so much BB! Glad you like it : )

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