Saturday, April 20, 2013


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My mum can attest to the fact that I'm not the fastest reader at the library. And I'm normally not very adventurous choosing my own books. I have to have a solid recommendation to read a novel for instance. Given my reading habits, it often means I don't often finish books or just 'read' ones with pictures - yay design books! Ironically I love books themselves, pretty covers, different paper textures, type and idealic quaint bookshops...ahhh. Weirdo I know.

Since Christmas I've read a few winners though that I feel are worthy of sharing. Maybe you can add them to your bedside table collection and you can tell me some I should add to mine!

BLOG INC. by Joy Cho - Wow, this one is worth every penny and I am sure I will head back and reference it again in the near future. What an honest and practical look at this weird world of blogging. I really like the specifics and stories of those who have 'gone before'. Joy is truly the expert and the fact that she is so approachable and transparent earns this book a big fat tick from me. On a personal note, I emailed Joy a few weeks back about something blog related and she replied straight away. I know this often isn't possible for so many 'blogging heavies', but the fact she gave her advice so quickly and willingly, makes me like her even more. Even if you don't want to read about how to blog, you should follow hers! Her little girl Ruby reminds me of my two adopted Korean sisters when they were young. Ca-ute!

FACING UP by Bear Grylls - Is Bear Grylls' story of climbing everest. This might seem a real random amongst the other titles, but I love a good biography and this was definitely gripping (excuse the pun : ).  I think I finished it in like three or four days...unheard of for this snail-paced reader. I liked all the everyday details about living at such high altitude (ever wondered what your pee looks like when you're dehydrated??), and appreciated that like he says in the book; technology can put a man on the moon, but it's only through human effort you can reach the highest summit of earth. Maybe one for the man in your life too!

KARA'S PARTY IDEAS  by Kara Allen - Born from her blog & now shop of party inspiration and supplies, Kara is a whizz when it comes to planning parties around a theme. I liked that most of the parties in this book are exclusive and haven't appeared on her blog before. I have to be honest, when this arrived I was a little disapointed it wasn't a hardcover with full-bleed images (like my fave party book), but it does have a CD of printables you can use for your own events, so that's a big plus in my books.

I WILL CARRY YOU  by Angie Smith - Another personal one and biography - love me a good true story! This story is really close to my heart after losing three babies to miscarriage and having one of my closest friends going through a similar situation to Angie & her husband. It was real and raw and had me reaching for the tissues a number of times. I wish I'd read this months ago. So healing. It's also a helpful tool if you know someone who is grieving in some way. Powerful.

IT'S ALL GOOD by Gwyneth Paltrow - I found out recently that I have some allergies to diary, wheat and eggs. The trifecta hey? Needless to say, this little baking and cooking lover is on a steep learning curve changing from traditional baking to working with alternate ingredients (that actually taste good!). I just bought this book last week, and already I've found a 'go-to' muffin recipe and other meal ideas that actually taste like the 'real deal' and work with the rest of my family too. And if I look like gorgeous Gwynnie on the front cover afterwards, then that's a bonus!


As I write this, it's snowing outside. A perfect weekend for staying indoors and snuggling up with a good book. Unfortunately we have a full weekend with a fun marriage conference, birthday parties and Sunday lunch plans, so no lazy days for us. But please send me your fave reads at the moment. I need some more ideas! 
Have a good weekend! xo

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  1. Hi Jordan. Great books. I will have to check out joys book. It sounds great. I've just finished reading decorate workshop by holly Becker and it was good. Happy weekend. Melinda =)

  2. Oh I've been meaning to read Holly's book. Thanks for the reminder! You would love Joy's book.
    Hope you and your little bub are doing well! xo


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