Thursday, February 28, 2013


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Before you get excited, no that is not me in the water swimming so elegantly. I am simply at home dealing with a child with severe food poisoning and a teething toddler. Way less glamourous I can assure you! We are day three into things and I hope tomorrow is the magic day when everyone just gets better!
But, I'm letting myself think about places I would rather be than dealing with the yuck that comes with sickies - these bungalows and water-side lounges are doing it for me right now!
I hope your week is chugging along better than mine : )

Image // source via Pinterest


  1. Check out my post about my trip to Jamaica! I love your stuff :)

    it would means loads if you comment :) i wont ask you to follow though cause that makes me feel weird XD Happy blogging!

  2. Hoping the kids feel better, I can imagine it's not nice. I wouldn't mind being in that pool either! x

  3. Thanks Gem! They're slowly on the mend, thankfully. But in the mean time...Pool party!

  4. Dear Jordan, we are half way around the world, but my scenery is very similar - my children share among the 2 of them 3(!) horrible diseases - 2x chickenpox, 1x scarlet fever... I am so ready for some imaginary swimming!

  5. Hey! Came across you blog and thought I'd say hi:) I think I'd like to go here too, how clear & beautiful is that water!? Hope your little one is feeling better! Great blog!

  6. Thanks so much for saying Hi Emily Beth. I didn't see your email to reply personally, but so grateful for your kind words! Thankfully he is back to his normal self! : )

  7. Oh Tina, that sounds terrible! Scarletfever sounds horrible. I hope they're on the mend. It's awful for them and us when there is sickness in the house. Let's swim off into the blue!! :)


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