Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I have just finished a book by Bear Grylls documenting his Everest climb. Which was totally gripping. While it has confirmed I have no desire whatsoever to endure such hardship as navigating the tallest mountain of the earth, It has inspired me to get out and find a sport to take up in this cold weather.

I'm really drawn to snowshoeing. I've only done it once before, but I enjoy walking in general, so I figure it's exercise without having to throw myself down a mountain, like snowboarding or the like.
I headed out on my first snow shoe adventure on the weekend, and it was a winner! Bring on more days of embracing the great outdoors...winter or not!
Snowshoeing | Polkadot Prints photo 130204_Snowshoeing04_zps170b4a9a.jpeg Snowshoeing | Polkadot Prints photo 130205_Snowshoeing07_zpsf1613430.png


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