Thursday, February 14, 2013


So, you remember when I asked you vote for some of my designs on Minted last month? Thank you all so much for voting! But, sad news, I didn't win anything. I was kind of disappointed, but after a day or so of feeling discouraged, I've jumped back on the horse and have entered another competition!

This round it's for their Minibooks. These cute Minibooks are multi-paged cards perfect for wedding invites, birth announcements, memorial booklets etc. Great for popping in more information & photos than a regular flat card.

There are some great entries, so I would love your vote again if you have the time. My first design is a wedding themed Minibook Love Triangle, you can vote for here. And then there is Hello Handsome, a birth announcement which you can vote for here. There's lots of prizes in the pool, so I'd love to be in amongst the 'big guns' this time round!

I think you do have to sign in to vote, but it will only take a sec. Would you show me some love? Or maybe even share it with your friendly facebook & twitter friends? I'd be so, so grateful! Thank YOU!xo
 photo 130213_MintedVote2_zpsa17ba6a3.png


  1. Hello lovely, just voted ;) hugs from Australia ---Bridie

  2. They're lovely Jords! Just voted :) x Liz

  3. Thanks SO much Bridie & Liz - love you for voting! xo

  4. The cards are lovely. I need to look around more but I'm looking for something green, earthy and natural for inspiration.


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