Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It's birthday week at our house this week. We have two birthdays in the next 7 days and a party on the weekend for a certain little girl as she celebrates turning one! Woohoo! I can't believe she is one. I know everyone says that. But I feel like with all this moving around this year, the months have just blurred together.

I know you like to see polished finished projects here, but surely you want to know that I don't have all my ducks in a row all the time right? :) (she hopes!!)

I started taking monthly photos of Ellie like any good blogger does, but realised soon enough that I'd forget, be like two weeks late, Dave wasn't around to entertain her, or not have her in a decent outfit when I did remember, and so I just called it quits. So close...and yet so far! So...here's her almost monthly photos...
But these are the best of what was sometimes a tricky shoot - So hard to stay awake...
Baby Photo Outtakes | Polkadot Prints
So hard to concentrate when Daddy is so funny!
Baby Photo Outtakes | Polkadot Prints
Lying still is so 5mths...
Baby Photo Outtakes | Polkadot Prints
Happy birthday out gorgeous little girl! xo


  1. Awe how cute is that 5 months giggle. I think you did an awesome job of keeping up with everything you had on this year.

  2. Hi Jordan, I loved this post! I couldn't wait for my pc to scroll down to see your adorable baby from month to month. Makes me want to have Hott baby #5 just to photo document my own baby... but I probably couldn't be that organized. And besides, four kids are enough for us! Thanks for sharing,
    love, a

  3. so lovely :) adorable :D I'm in love :)
    and how fast she grow


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