Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Happy Monday Tuesday folks, I hope you made the most of your two days 'off'!
We had a lovely weekend with new friends followed by a shocker night with our little bub. The realities of parenting hey! Hoping for better days ahead this week!

I wanted to share a 'living in Canada' post today that I've had on the back burner for a while. When we first arrived here, the first supermarket I went to was a place called 'Real Canadian Superstore' or 'Superstore' as it's affectionately known.

I can tell you, coming from my local Coles supermarket, which I thought was all huge because it had recently introduced a clothing range...this place was insane! And even now six months later, I still find it daunting and awesome all at once. They have it all, from fresh fruit & veg, to homewares, toys and pharmacy. Sometimes I love the diversity and other times I find it overwhelming with all the unfamiliar products and prefer the smaller supermarkets.

I do about three quarters of my grocery shopping here, and it's also where I buy about 80% of my kids clothes. Joe Fresh is the in-house clothing brand and I find them a bit more Australian style than other clothing shops (just the kids' mind you...the women's...not so much).

So there you have it, a little glimpse into my 'everyday life' here. And it doesn't get more everyday than grocery shopping! Do I hear an "amen" fellow mama's of the earth?! Canadian Superstore   Joe Fresh Canadian Superstore Canadian Superstore Canadian Superstore - Joe Fresh Canadian Superstore - Joe Fresh
Images // by me on my iphone


  1. Ah yes the Superstore....or as I like to call it the "stupidstore". I completely understand what you mean when you say overwhelming. Whenever I go there (not that often even though it is the closest grocery store to my home), I leave feeling like I lost a few I.Q. points because of the wandering about and all the "stuff"!

  2. Ha : ) like the name! Glad I'm not the only overwhelmed one!

  3. The stores have been around since the 1990s. I used to work at one. In your pictures, the store is grey. But... did you know the store used to be green and the logo used to be much more plain?

    Some stores in Western Canada have actually been renovated numerous times in recent years (the one I shop at was renovated in 2009, 2010 and then this year).

    By now, you're probably used to the produce tables you've been seeing at the stores, but did you know that the produce areas looked like this at one point? Visit for more details.

    I shop at a store in Saskatoon. The difference in 2009 (visit and 2012 is astounding (visit


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