Thursday, July 19, 2012


I can't believe she is half a year old! She truly brings a little ray of sunshine into our lives everytime she smiles...which is ALL the time! I love her dimples. And she loves that she is learning all these new tricks! She'll be walking on those pudgy legs in no time.
  Photobucket Photobucket
I'm still making an effort to remember to take her regular photos... Photobucket
which are getting a little trickier each month! Photobucket


  1. What a little sweetie you have. I have an Ellie too. Well, her real name is Elle but we also call her Ellie. Its crazy how fast they grow.Mine just turned 19 months.

  2. Oh Jords, she is soooo adorable and growing so fast!
    Love Jenni

  3. She's so so so cute!!! And already using those legs! So funny!

  4. They definitely do grow fast! I think more so the second time around for me : )

  5. Oh, how cute she is! My son is now 5 months and he doesn't even crawl yet, trying very hard though! :)

    Love your designs!

    -Petra from Finland-

  6. Love her yoga moves! So so cute and chubby, I miss her! Edes

  7. olá. queria parabenizá-la pelo blog. Boas inspirações vendo ele. Adorei!

  8. What a beautiful baby! Love her little smile and her outfits are so cute too. Cute idea with the chalkboard saying six months!


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